In Dr. Haqqi's thesis, he talks about motivational coaching, which is based on Dr. Haqqi's ideas. We try to use ideas to help people become better people.

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Dr. Haqqi lectures to area schools and non-profit organizations on his book "Daily Habits to Learnza." schedule a consultation to have him speak at your next event or training, 

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Whether on a local or international level, understand how the Camp Learnza Program assists in bringing mindfulness and STEAM education to children who are disadvantaged or suffering from excessive stress and anxiety, which results in burnout

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Our mission is to engage with the omaha community and beyond to build inclusive bonds based in research.

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“Learnza inspired me to not only see myself as a champion inside the classroom but also beyond”. 


SAT + ACT Prep with a holistic approach. I love the life coaching aspect of Learnza. 


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